Madhuri Michèle

Dream It, Do It

Take Your Vision To The Next Level

Madhuri Michèle works with solopreneurs, business professionals, coaches, speakers, and course creators, to go to the next level in their businesses. She delivers results through group programs, masterminds, and one-on-one mentoring. 

Meet Madhuri Michèle Fremont

The left brain analyzes the past and logically plans for the future, while the right brain is responsible for being intuitively present in the here and now. 


Madhuri Michèle Fremont has a lifetime of experience integrating these two hemispheres of the brain for lasting success. She espouses how, in a world that is increasingly uncertain, it is more essential than ever that the two parts of the brain work in harmony.

Madhuri Michèle graduated with a BS in Industrial Design. She is an expert in project management and is grounded in aesthetics, function, and logical discipline. Proof of this is her product development business, which spanned 25 years. Madhuri received entrepreneurial certification from the renowned CEO Space program. Madhuri is the vice-chairman of the Rhode Island chapter of Mensa.


Madhuri Michèle created an amazing community within her Level Up And Launch Course.

She encouraged us to really get to know one another's businesses, our target audiences, and offerings. After meeting my fellow students in the fun and fast-paced class sesssions, I will gladly promote many of them in their launches, and I know they will also support mine.

Michèle's coaching led me to develop valuable marketing assets that have helped me to lay out a strategy. She brought guest speakers into the course who are experts in their fields, and she faciliatated these sessions so that we each clearly understood how to use the information presented in our businesses, and we could take action.

She created an atmosphere of kindness and motivation that made me look forward to each class, knowing that I would leave the class with a concrete deliverable: an opt-in freebie, a piece of strategy, or a joint venture partner.

But more than anything, I found that her gift with words and her insight helped me get to the root of the value I offer my clients. And this has helped me to refine my marketing message to be aligned to my strengths while clearly stating benefits to the client.

Zeenat Siman

Professional Organizer & Productivity Specialist

Firefly Bridge

During Madhuri’s Program, “Level Up and Launch," I was introduced to a wonderful community of kind and supportive peers. The course provided great content by multiple different speakers on relevant subjects such as funnels, course pricing, social media and more.

At times throughout the meetings, a natural mastermind flow carried us to the discovery of a collective mind that brought all of us intuitive information about ourselves and each other. This carried each of us forward towards our desired results in business and our personal goals. It was very interactive and, I believe, an important catalyst in my growth during this course.

Madhuri’s ability to see my strengths and constantly remind me of them helped me start to notice those strengths in my daily life. I started to “own” them. I was able to draw on these previously unseen talents in business and feel more powerful in my approach to service. Some aspects of myself that I saw as a burden she helped me understand are actually superpowers in my ability to support others in my coaching business.

Madhuri has the strength to tell you what you need to hear not just what you want to hear! Her loving support did sometimes trigger my ego BUT when I paused and investigated that information from my spirit, I found a new supportive wisdom that carried me to amazing shifts in my life and business. I now have a community behind me, and tangible knowledge and understanding of my offerings that empowers me to show people who I really am and that includes clients and joint venture partners!

Madhuri provides a powerful group program that gets results, and empowers the participants with valuable tools and guidance to move forward in business and life. I believe Madhuri’s genuine desire to see us all “level up” to our greatest potential is what makes her a valuable facilitator and an insightful coach.

Jessica Lyn

Sacred Interactions

Madhuri Michèle Fremont has been a lifesaver! I started her program unsure of how to package and send my expertise out into the world. Halfway through, I have a program with the lead-ins and a goal in sight! She has a gift of cutting through the baloney you may be hiding behind and encouraging you to move foward with your Best Idea. She has built a strong community that—along with her sharp wit and fast perception— have given me the accountability and feedback I needed to level up.

Melissa Steadman

Michèle brings sharp insight and a wealth of resources to her programs. She also likes to shake things up. I love this. Rule breakers are leaders, not followers. But most importantly, I've never met a mentor or facilitator who genuinely cares as much as Michèle does.

Shireen Bawnlavery


Michèle is a powerhouse of deep wisdom, insight and clarity that helps you in a tight squeeze when you are stuck in confusion, uncertainty in business or in life.

I am so grateful for Michèle and her super power to cut through my confusion and give me the clarity I was desperately reaching for in my messaging to my ideal target market.

What I like about Michèle that separates her from the rest, is her deep, spirituality used powerfully in combination with her uncanny ability to spell out the solution in a clear format that ties both the simple and the deep profound nature of the solution in one fell swoop.

If I had not experienced the clarity I received directly from my interaction with Michèle, I would still be stuck to this day. If you need clarity in your life or business, I highly recommend Michèle to get you unstuck from your uncertainty and confusion.

Matt Nguyen

CEO Kaizen Digital Solutions LLC

Michèle Fremont is one of the smartest, most intuitive, and most of all caring people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  She will breathe new life into old business ideas, and/or give birth to new and more exciting ones that are exactly aligned with your purpose and passion. 

Without knowing much about my business or my goals, she came up with some of the ideas that I had had on my “wish list” for a very long time - but she gave me the confidence to see that they were not just possibilities but probabilities.

She also suggested I get a partner to help me accomplish all of my ambitious ideas. The partner who I had wanted for years, but didn’t think it was possible to have, joined me shortly after Michèle and I talked for the first time – amazing coincidence?!

Although she has knowledge in many areas and is incredibly generous with her energy and advice, if she thinks you could benefit from others' help, she will connect you with her extensive list of personal experts and associates. 

Bottom line is that you will likely make immediate strides in your business – and perhaps your life as well - by working with Michèle.

Joanna Gustafson

W.A.V.E. Relaxation

Michèle, I can't thank you enough for the amazing coaching you gave to me last week. I love how you 'see' me and can get right to the heart of things so quickly.

You have a rare gift and the world needs people like you. You were able to see the essence of me and showed me how to build my business around who I am and what I bring to the world.

NO-ONE has ever done that for me before!

Thank you so much for giving me the clarity I needed to now step confidently forward in my business. I now have a clear path to follow, finally! I can't wait till our next session.

Robyn Weston

Madhuri Michèle is a communication and clarity genius. She has the incredible ability to see what your gifts and strengths are, and to show you how you can use those to create a focus for your business. She is kind
and generous, and she has a keen, incisive mind that is bursting with ideas.

She has the ability to help you bust through any mindset blocks that are getting in your way. Every time I talk with her, I come away with pages of notes and a renewed sense of clarity.

She is a gift to anyone who wants to cut through the noise and get really focused and make a difference.

Amrita Madhusudan

Heart-led mindset coach for women, at Effortless

I wanted to take this time to personally thank you, Michèle for working with me on connecting with myself so I can succeed in my business.

I really value your knowledge and insight you have and gave to me. Having the strategies in mind is a template which is so helpful.

Working with you was a great learning experience for me.

I truly recommend working with this knowledgeable lady Michèle, you will gain confidence to succeed in your business and life.

Anita Carter

Family First Coach at Parenting DNA

Michèle has the keen ability to cut straight to the core of your unique value, or what’s holding you back from realizing your potential.

Hear her with an open mind, because her insights could transform your business.

She genuinely cares, and feels her job isn’t done until you light up with the result. Michèle is worth every dollar you pay.

Shireen Bawnlavery

I was showing up to meetings without confidence and with fear. Michèle continued to ask me questions until I was clearly saying what I was excellent at providing to my clients and proud of accompishing. I now show up to meetings leading with my strengths. What a difference that makes!

Zeenat Siman

Professional Organizer and Productivity Specialist at

Madhuri Michèle Fremont is one of the most brilliant coaches I have ever had the privilege of working with. She brings amazing clarity like a sunbeam through the fog of your business ideas bringing to light the beautiful sparkle needed to resolve your business confusion. Michèle, I couldn’t have done it without you!!!


Mystery Of The Missing YOU

Hi everyone, I want to give a shout out to Madhuri Michèle Fremont. I met with Michèle and was blown away by her kindness, her insight and her truthfulness. She was great in helping me see more of myself and she offered great clarity. Thank you, Michèle

Maryann Piazza Lima

I am Stuart Kerslake. And I just wanted to give a shout out to Michèle Fremont. She really helped me clarify my messaging. I'm a, I guess, a life coach for business owners and historically worked with coaches, therapists and healers. But I'm now moving towards working with businesses that have water at their heart, and that can be a little tricky to explain.

Michèle has this fabulous gift of holding space and allowing you to just garbage gobble away what it is that you're trying to say. And then she pulls all the threads and weaves this beautiful tapestry as a result, and just cuts right to the chase of what it is that you really want to get across, that you may be struggling with.

And I love she's very direct in her approach. But you always know that that's wholly in your best interest that she's holding your greatness for you, if you want to call it that. And, as I say, it is a powerful, powerful gift to be able to extract the real essence of what someone is saying. And repeat back to them what they would love to say themselves, in a way that, you know, other people will learn with other people and other people will really get it your prospective clients.

Because she understands how to help you get your message out there, and to help you articulate who those people are that you'd love to work with and what their challenges are and how you can connect with them. All the stuff that's kind of in your head and in your heart. She lets you speak that out and then translates it into something powerful, meaningful and useful for your messaging for your marketing. So just wanted to come on now and say a big thank you, Michèle, for your help in this regard. It's been fantastic.

Stuart Kerslake